Breaking ground

It’s finally happening! We are really going to do it — build a tiny house.

After modeling countless designs, reading tons of build blogs, and generally being obsessed over tiny houses for the past year or so (well, mostly me), we are finally starting on our biggest project yet.

I’m Erin, and I’m building a tiny house on a trailer, along with my husband, Rob, and my dog, Proton. I’m going to be recounting the details of our build here, from breaking ground to our first move!

We’ve recently moved from France to Florida for Rob’s new job, and we got really lucky finding a build site! After looking at a few industrial warehouse spaces, we found out that a family friend had a house for rent about half an hour from Rob’s office… and it has a huge backyard! Even better, our friend makes furniture for a living, and offered to leave us quite a few handy tools, and several piles of wood scraps.

Rob by a woodpile Tools!

Although our trailer isn’t ready yet, we prepared for it’s arrival by taking down some of the chain-link fence surrounding the back yard. Rob was not convinced that my method of tugging on the steel poles was going to be productive….

But in the end I was triumphant! And pretty bad-ass — notice the big concrete chunk at the bottom!

We still have one more section of fence to remove, and then we’ll have plenty of room to maneuver our trailer into it’s temporary home. We ordered our 20′ trailer from Tiny Home Builders in mid-March, and it should be ready any day now. Can’t wait!!


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