The trailer is here!

We’re just getting back from a wedding in New Orleans (it was awesome seeing our friends from college!), and our trailer from Tiny Home Builders was delivered today! Unfortunately, we didn’t take down quite enough fence, so it’s only made it to the side yard so far. Anyway, initial impressions of the trailer are very, very good. Every measurement I’ve taken is extremely true to what was expected, and the quality of every piece looks great. I’m excited to finalize the measurement now — although all the measurements I was given turned out to be valid, I didn’t know details like where the wheel well falls (112″ from hitch end to wheel well start, 64″ well, 64″ to the other end). Here are some pictures!:

In other news, I’ve been window shopping (haha). Windows are actually really frustrating to buy — you can’t see the prices until you go sit in a store and have the salesman play with his computer for an hour… and if you decide to change the sizes, all bets are off (good luck even figuring out what the possible sizes are). Additionally, Florida has different approvals than most other states, so half of what I can find online isn’t available here. For someone like me who likes to try lots of different combinations, it’s torture.

But at this point, I think I’ve figured it out… we’ll have a total of 13 windows, 4 of which are fixed. At first, we priced out laminated impact windows — these are now required by Florida building code unless you have storm shutters, and it seemed like a good idea for a house that drives down the highway… but the salesman talked me out of it (he said they aren’t really that great, but they are crazy expensive), and we’re going with tempered glass instead. Those 5 cute clerestory windows turned into two wide ones, because they won’t make awning windows less than 20″ wide. White vinyl (you can choose white or beige here, yay), which I will make the best of. We should be ordering these in the next few days; I’m currently pitting Home Depot against Lowe’s to see who will give me the best deal!

Next, we’ll be doing the floor framing, but that may have to wait… we’re headed to another wedding this weekend for Rob’s cousin Kolby!

EDIT: Rust appeared after just a couple weeks! Please check out our later post to see what we’ve done about it, and the Tiny Home Builders response.



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