A couple of weeks ago, our friends Lane and Hannah came to visit. They were awesome enough to help us out with the tiny house between beach visits, and they were extremely helpful, even though we were doing kind of boring stuff.


We hadn’t finished all the L-bracket attachments, so we were working on getting those finished, as well as cutting the insulation to go between the floor joists.


The rigid foam insulation cuts really easily with a utility knife, and it’s very nice to have two people to work on each piece, one on each side of the trailer. Also, I recommend cutting a little smaller than you need and filling in the gaps with the canned spray foam (much easier than shaving off a piece that’s too large). But be careful! We were cutting a thin piece, and I was stupid and cut the shit out of my thumb. While sweat was definitely already a structural component, we’ve now got blood and tears as well! I wasn’t allowed to help much for the rest of the day…


We’re used 2 1/4″ of rigid foam insulation (one 3/4″ piece and one 1 1/2″ piece), even though we had 2 1/2″ of space. I would definitely recommend leaving a little wiggle room– between the canned spray foam to fill in gaps and the waviness of the flashing, this was the perfect amount.

We also managed to get most of the subfloor (that Rob and I had cut earlier) attached.

You might have noticed that our subfloor is pretty nice stuff! We chose oak plywood with the intention of finishing it as faux hardwood plank, and using it as our real floor… for a number of reasons, that didn’t really work, and now we just have a really expensive subfloor. More on that later….

Did I mention we have really cool wildlife in our backyard?

Thanks again to our awesome friends who were so helpful!


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